Resource 1 Tier 3 Data Security. Chattanooga, Tennessee Data Destruction Firm. Hard Drive Shredding. Tier 3 Data Breach Prevention


We provide a highly secure method of eliminating the risk of data loss from retired server and computer hard drives.

Resource 1 Tier 3 Data Security. Hard Drive Shredding Service. Chattanooga, TN.

Hard Drive Shredding

Rendering hard drives containing your sensitive data inoperable

Resource 1 Tier 3 Data Security. Hard Drive Shredding Service. Magnetic Media Degaussing Service. Chattanooga, TN. Southeast Region.

magnetic media degaussing

Electromagnetic Degaussing, paired with shredding, is the most secure method of data destruction.

Resource 1 Tier 3 Data Security. Secure Device Storage Service. Pelican Case. Electronic Media Secure Device Storage. Hard Drive Shredding.

secure device storage

Secure Pelican Storage Cases for electronic media while waiting secure destruction.

All services are preformed at your location to mitigate chain of custody issues.

Resource 1 Tier 3 Data Security. Critical Response Hard Drive Shredding Service. Critical Data Destruction. Data Breach Prevention.

critical response destruction

24 hour turn around shredding services.

Resource 1 Tier 3 Data Security. IT Life-Cycle Services - Secure Data Destruction and Recycling. Hard Drive Shredding. IT Asset Recycing.

it life-cycle services

As  IT Assets are replaced, we ensure the retired systems are handled and disposed of properly.

An audit-able certificate of destruction provided for each device shredded.

Shredded particulate produced in our destruction process is responsibly recycled.


We are committed to eliminating data breaches from retired IT assets across all industries. No industry is too small or too large to experience a data breach. We adapt our services to satisfy the unique requirements of handling your industries  highly sensitive information.















3 tiers of data security

Data Security (during all phases of the data life cycle) must be a business priority. The Data Security Life Cycle begins before IT assets are utilized and continues after the systems are retired. The Life Cycle is broken down into 3 Tiers.



Tier 1 involves securing the physical IT infrastructure. Tier 1 Security measures occur before the life cycle begins.


Tier 2 involves securing and monitoring the data while live.  Tier 2 Security measures occur during the life cycle.


Tier 3 is the 'end-of-life' / final disposition of a computer system. Tier 3 Security measures  occur after the life cycle.


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Resource 1 Tier 3 Data Security. Secure, On-SIte Data Security. Hard Drive Shredding. Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga Hard Drive Shredding

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