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3 tiers of data security

Data Security must be a business priority. Protect your data before1, during2 and after3 its useful life-cycle.


When you consider the life-cycle of your organization’s confidential data, you may already know that there are 3 tiers of data security involved in effective management, generation, storage, and decommissioning of devices on which data is or has been stored.


Every organization should have a complete data security program to help maintain their overall focus on IT security. Securing your organization at all 3 Tiers of the IT life-cycle has always been good practice, but is recently becoming imperative, with resulting fines and penalties growing exponentially when the total security ecosystem is not carefully considered at the beginning of your analysis. Ensure that your organization has a clear data life cycle that you control.


At Resource 1, we have pioneered a process to help organizations easily implement a lasting solution to the problem of understanding each tier of this Information Security ecosystem. It is centered around the 3 tiers of data security, with Resource 1 providing highly secure Tier 3 solutions.




phase of the data life cycle: BEFORE


All safety protocols involved in building a secure enterprise from the ground up, or planning a sizable integration project. This may consist in setting up secure firewalls, assessing every aspect of network vulnerability, password establishment and authentication, and physical security measures.




phase of the data life cycle: during


Securely managing live data by integrating threat detection protocol’s, organizational security awareness (NIST 80-100), business continuity planning, data encryption and monitoring, database integrity, efficient and thorough incident response, and effective virus protection.




phase of the data life cycle: after


Did you know that - if handled inappropriately - decommissioning and retiring your old systems opens you up to serious breach risk of your most private and confidential data?


Managing your data at its end-of-life. Often overlooked, this increasingly critical aspect of data security is becoming imperative to organizational integrity. Securely documenting and destroying retired data-bearing devices is every bit as important as Tier 1 and Tier 2 Data Security, and in the wake of growing data theft reports by large public organizations in recent years, this final tier of the security ecosystem is quickly becoming standard protocol.


we are tier 3 data security.

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