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Manufacturers generate, store, and share important proprietary and confidential information daily. The mishandling or theft of data in this sector could have a dramatically damaging and negative impact on the company’s bottom line, its employees, and the communities it supports.


The threats to this sector are real and diverse. The realities of data-loss are potentially devastating for companies that produce consumer goods. When consumers lose trust in a company, demand decreases and production slows. The wheels of production and manufacturing rely on a positive consumer perception, and a positive perception is dependent on how an organization manages not only its business affairs, but also its private data.


According a recent Verizon Enterprise Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), many of the threats to the manufacturing sector hinge on corporate espionage, trade secret and intellectual property theft, and the general mishandling of devices containing sensitive information. The diligent protection of trade secrets and private information presents serious challenges for manufacturers. This is ultimately the differentiator for companies as their business models rely on keeping trade secrets out of the hands of the competition.


Employees in every sector also pose a direct or indirect security threat, and can inadvertently expose your IT infrastructure to bad actors. When asked what the source of a large percentage of security incidents was, many IT professionals in the manufacturing sector cited employees (current and former) as most likely sources.


As manufacturing systems continue to integrate across the globe to streamline production, securing these networks that pass highly confidential trade and process information is critical to an organization’s continued success. Resource 1 ensures that your company's proprietary information can never be recovered.


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