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Resource 1 works closely with legal community and state/local governments in the Southeastern United States to ensure the secure, cradle-to-grave integrity of the private and confidential data managed and stored.


In the midst of data loss pertaining to the Legal sector (like the Panama Papers), legal firms are incorporating very complex security policies designed specifically to protect private information through all three tiers of data security.


We are increasingly seeing the damaging and divisive effects that the dubious acquisition and dissemination of private data can do to both public and private individuals.


Hackers, thieves, and other malicious actors thrive in porous security environments. In the Tier 3 arena, Resource 1 constantly monitors, updates, and innovates our EOL (End Of Life) security practices to ensure all of our clients, (across ALL IT sectors,) receive the highest level of secure and certified data destruction, and ultimately, full peace of mind.


In 2013, President Obama issued an executive order on cyber security to help improve the integrity of critical infrastructures from outside threats that could disrupt access to critical US Government processes. Almost 20% of all reported government IT security incidents come from unauthorized access to information or devices containing confidential and private information. This is proof that protecting not just data, but also devices containing data, needs to be expanded for IT professionals and procedures in the government sector.


Resource 1 understands the need for extremely tight informational security processes in in all three Tiers of the Legal and Government sectors. We specialize in not only managing and securing the safe decommissioning of retired IT assets, but also in safely and securely destroying data-bearing devices containing confidential information.

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