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The healthcare sector has seen more growth in the digitization of private health data in the last decade than perhaps any other industry. Private Patient Information (PPI) is rapidly eclipsing financial information in importance, and as such, is increasingly being targeted by malicious threats.


According to Forbes, a staggering 112 million Private Patient Healthcare records were compromised in 2015 alone. The breakdown, according to the Office of Civil Rights, (OCR,) totaled 253 breaches with 29% of all breaches reported being a direct result of the theft or the mishandling of data-bearing devices. Passed in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has leveraged massive fines and penalties to companies that have suffered data breaches.


Protecting your patients goes beyond treatment. Protecting sensitive data - at all tiers - is becoming a central concern for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Resource 1 works diligently to help Healthcare organizations protect and secure these devices from the moment of decommission to the actual destruction.

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26% of Americans have had health care data breached

90% of healthcare organizations suffer a data breach

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