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With data-loss and data-theft potential at an all time high in the financial services sector, institutions are feverishly implementing increasingly stringent security protocols designed to protect their clients’ sensitive information. Information security at this level is not only highly regulated; it is almost universally mandated to defend against malicious threats. Institutional compliance guidelines for Tiers 1 and 2 are strict and time-tested, but there is an unprecedented growth in interest for the final stage, Tier 3, of managing, securing, and destroying information.


The nature of the information that financial and insurance institutions generate, manage, and store is highly confidential. This means that extreme care must be taken to ensure client data is securely managed. Social Security Numbers (SSN), banking information including routing and account numbers, account details, payment card numbers, mortgage statements, and loan information are just some of the highly classified information banks manage on a daily basis. As more consumers take their bank account information online, there is more risk than ever before for the theft and the illegal misuse of this information.


Resource 1 specializes in Tier 3 Data Security® and Destruction and works with financial institutions to keep their customers’ information secure at the IT asset’s end-of-life. The detailed documentation and secure decommissioning and certified destruction services provided to our clients is vital to a maintaining a robust and fully implemented IT security ecosystem at all tiers of data-security.

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